The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption and devastation, but it has also fueled expansion in ecommerce winners.

One consequence is in logistics. In particular, the ecommerce fulfillment market is spiking. In the last 8 weeks, ecommerce as a percentage of retail spending has skyrocketed from 18% to 28%.

A good example is Etsy. They surged 250% in the last quarter. One key driver has been the increase in ecommerce sales of facemasks. Etsy company sold 12 million masks in April alone, representing 17% of total gross sales.

In a short period of time, Etsy has become the market leader, with nearly a million mask selections compared with Zulily’s and Walmart’s several hundred each.

Will COVID-19 drive new ecommerce behavior? And who will provide the logistics to fulfill it?

For more information, see this LinkedIn post and this Wall Street Journal article.

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital