Supply chain startups have never faced more opportunity than in 2020. The pandemic has created record demand for innovation. Logistics technology companies have responded with a wave of creativity, helping people to work from home, buy online, accelerate their ecommerce purchases, and facilitate faster commerce from order through delivery.

Where can startups gain visibility? To whom can they tell their story? And how can they best commercialize their ideas with early adopters?

The BGSA Supply Chain Conference: Who’s Who in Logistics

For many, the answer is the BGSA Supply Chain Shark Tank. 15 years ago, the BGSA Supply Chain conference began as an elite gathering of the best and brightest in transportation, logistics, distribution, and supply chain technology. Since then, it has expanded to reach over 250 of the top CEOs and leaders in the supply chain, worldwide. Today, it retains its cachet as an invitation-only event, held at the legendary Breakers in Palm Beach, and featuring unique insights from CEOs of leading companies like XPO, NFI, YRC, Descartes, ArcBest, Werner, Stericycle, Bringg, and others. The event was known as a place for leaders to share strategy and discuss deals.

Since then, the dialogue at the BGSA Supply Chain Conference has shifted decidedly in favor of innovation. As a result, the BGSA Supply Chain Shark Tank was born. Sponsored by Cambridge Capital and other leaders, it quickly became the best place for logistics startups to tell their story. The finalists each got 10 minutes to make their case to the panel, in front of the entire audience. And they all benefited.

The BGSA Supply Chain Shark Tank: Helping Founders Shine

2020’s winner, SecurSpace, sold to fellow BGSA attendee Envase Technologies, just 8 months later. Here’s what SecurSpace Founder and CEO Lance Theobald had to say:

“The BGSA Supply Chain Shark Tank was a fantastic event. It gave me the opportunity to tell my story to over 250 logistics and supply chain CEOs and leaders. And it helped me get an outstanding deal done for SecurSpace! I ended up selling my company to a fellow BGSA Supply Chain CEO attendee. Whether you are a successful leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, I highly recommend the BGSA Supply¬†Chain conference and the Shark Tank!”

Who will be the winner in 2021? And what opportunities will he or she gain as a result?

How to Join

If you know an outstanding founder or CEO of a supply chain startup, please encourage him/her to apply here. It only takes 5 minutes. The top 6 get the chance to make their pitch to an elite audience of CEOs. And who knows – maybe the next winner will find investors, buyers, and/or customers, just like SecurSpace did!

Meanwhile, if you are a CEO interested in the future of supply chain, you should join the industry leaders and be a part. The event is by invitation only, so reach out to the BGSA team, and contact conference director Jennifer Alfaro at

The pandemic may change how we do business, but it won’t stop the path of innovation!

Benjamin Gordon, BGSA and Cambridge Capital Founder