Benjamin Gordon, Managing Partner and CEO, Cambridge Capital and BGSA.

Press & News

Benjamin Gordon, Managing Partner and CEO, Cambridge Capital and BGSA has dedicated his career to building successful and thriving supply chain companies. He has been featured by major media including Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. Below are recent press highlights.

CNBC: “Transportation: A Window Into the Economy”

Ben Gordon, on CNBC’s Power Lunch, discusses why he is watching cycling, consolidation and innovation next year.

Benjamin Gordon on GlobalTranz Acquisition of Cerasis

Logistics Management interviews Cambridge Capital CEO Benjamin Gordon on the investment in Cerasis by GlobalTranz. Why did it happen, and what will they buy next?

Logistics Management Interviews Benjamin Gordon on XPO

Will XPO sell or spin off its contract logistics, truck brokerage, and other non-LTL divisions? Logistics Management interviews Ben Gordon, Cambridge Capital CEO.

IdeaMensch Interview with Benjamin Gordon

IdeaMensch interviewed Benjamin Gordon. Topics include:

  • Where did the idea of BG Strategic Advisors begin?
  • How do you bring ideas to life?
  • Why are you excited about transportation technology?
  • What is your contrarian idea about autonomous vehicles?
  • How have you overcome failures?
  • What can we learn about leadership from Hillel?

Delivery and Logistics Poised to Take Center Stage in Next Decade

FreightWaves interviews Ben Gordon, Cambridge Capital CEO, on Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and the outlook for the logistics and technology sector in the 2020s. If the 2010s were about venture capital-funded investment in innovation, the 2020s will be about private equity-fueled financing of scale.

Amazon And 4 Other Reasons To Avoid FedEx Stock

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital Managing Partner, talks to Forbes about why FedEx dropped 10% today. Key issues include Amazon, micro warehouses, the move to 7-day shipping, and more.

Forbes: With Shares Up 93%, Target’s Turnaround Suggests Powerful Investment Strategy

Ben Gordon, Cambridge Capital CEO, interviewed in Forbes on how Target is beating Amazon

Data Driven Investor: What do Investors Look For? Advice for Founders

When founders seek to raise money from investors, what are the conversations that happen behind the closed doors of venture capital and private equity?

Supply Chain Brain: Future Jobs are in Logistics, not Red Tape and Brown Steel

Will government bureaucracy stifle innovation in supply chain, or will free-market logistics entrepreneurs win out?

C-Suite TV’s “Executive Perspectives Live” airs new August episodes featuring M&A executives, including Ben Gordon from the CPA Annual Meeting

Logistics: The View from Palm Beach

The annual BGSA Supply Chain Conference hosts more than 200 CEOs and leaders of transportation, logistics, supply chain and technology companies at the Breakers in Palm Beach.