Drones are more than just a toy. Their potential applications for logistics are astounding. The thought of drone dropping off your e-commerce order may seem far off, but could be closer than you think. We know the capabilities exist but what are the other hurdles in the way? How would competing drone delivery services navigate their competitors in the air? What happens if a drone is stolen? There are still quite a few questions to be answered but widespread use of drone delivery might be closer than you think.

Video Transcript:

Let’s talk about drones. Three years ago, Jeff Bezos was mocked for his prediction that drones would be capable of commercial deliveries. What was his timeline? He said it would take five years.

Today, that moment has already arrived. We are two years ahead of schedule. Who will the winners be in the new drone market?

One candidate is the commercial drone delivery business. Already, drone companies exist with capacity for 1,000 mile trips with a 50-pound payload. Imagine what a drone network would do for last mile logistics.

Will drones replace trucks, reduce road congestion, and help customers get their e-commerce purchases faster?