Is West Palm Beach the next investment and financial hub?

15 years ago, people viewed Florida as “God’s waiting room,” “a sunny place for shady people,” or worse. When I moved here, plenty of people (more than usual) questioned my sanity.

Today, Florida has become a vibrant business market, attracting talented technology entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and young professionals. While Miami is a larger metropolitan center, West Palm Beach is in midst of much faster growth.

This is a function of much more than New Yorkers fleeing cold weather, high taxes and indoor-based COVID. It’s also a reflection of the fact that technology has enabled business teams to become more distributed. As a result, people can work and live wherever they want for more easily than ever before.

The Wall Street Journal has it right. Business is booming in south Florida. As more talented young professionals migrate here, and as high-quality schools (like The Greene School) expand, the infrastructure is developing to support the next wave of growth.

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital