Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a market map that captures all of logistics tech (LogTech)? A “Grand Unifying Theory” that reflects all segments throughout the supply chain? A single visual that showcases last-mile, cross-border ecommerce fulfillment, AI, analytics, and more?

We aren’t there yet, but please see above for version 1.0 of the LogTech Market Map. Let the supply chain “wisdom of crowds” begin! Looking forward to your suggestions and improvements!

This is an iterative process, and we welcome your feedback. Also, if your company isn’t listed and you want to be on the LogTech Market Map, just go to the site at https://lnkd.in/gbS5JJw and take 5 minutes to post your info!

Thanks are due to  Andrei Palamariu, Bryan Sombilon, Cristina Tetcu, Alcott HR, Cambridge Capital, Brian Laung Aoaeh, CFA, REFASHIOND Ventures, Eric Johnson, IHS Markit, Nick Chubb, Thetius, and team!

With input from you and the many other leaders throughout LogTech, we hope to create a dynamic picture of our industry, today and over time.

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital