We are witnessing the rise of the cobot!

A decade from now, we may look at 2023 as the year the logistics world changed its relationship with labor.

One the one hand, if the Yellow bankruptcy highlights the risks of high-cost labor and Teamsters battles, what is the alternative?

On the other hand, we are seeing smart logistics companies deploying technology to automate processes, reduce labor dependency, and create higher-margin supply chain services.

“Cobots” reflect this trends. More and more supply chain firms are deploying collaborative robot technology. Cobots are robots that can work side by side with employees to achieve superior productivity. The Collaborative Robotics $30 million investment led by Sequoia Capital is the latest example. Kudos to the team, as well as to investors Khosla VenturesMayo ClinicCalibrate VenturesNeo Ventures, and 1984 Ventures.

I predict we are in the early innings of this cobot trend.

Benjamin Gordon, Cambridge Capital